Case Study – Wild Turkey

The Brief

Wild Turkey was seeking to be established as the pouring bourbon of choice in trendy hotspots centred around south Dublin inner city. We were contracted to create a cost effective campaign that positioned the brand as a supporter of music in the area as well as driving brand awareness throughout the city by using social media, experiential marketing tactics and live music events.

Our Plan

Wild Turkey Mash! – a play on the sour mash that gives Wild Turkey its unique flavour, was a series of crowd sourced music performances combined with a viral social marketing tactics. The brand was partnered with Le Cool Dublin and Music Maker who offered editorial and social media support throughout each phase of the campaign.

The campaign was activated in three phases:

Phase 1 – Recruitment

In the initial phase, we created an engaged audience on Facebook fans as well as database of newsletter subscribers by running Facebook competitions for the product. Our developers created Facebook and mobile web apps to collect entries and create segmented databases for future communications.

We created and executed a content calendar on Facebook that injected a personality into the brand and gave it a Dublin accent by reflecting the interests of the target audience.

By combining competitions with good quality promoted content, as well as a regular and efficient advertising campaign, we created an enthused and engaged Facebook audience around the brand.

The first part of the campaign was initiated when we had a core audience of 1,000 fans which involved fans nominating local music acts for a slot on one of three Mash! nights to be run in summer 2013.

We developed a Facebook app and mobile web app to collect nominations and collect entries into a nominators competition to win the product. Entrants were given an additional entry if they shared the app to their own timelines. There was a tremendous uptake with 30% of entrants sharing the competition to their friends.

Phase 2 – The Shows

For each of the three shows, each act was filmed for the final phase for which the public were asked to select their favourite artist. We organised a series of nights in The Workman’s Club in Temple Bar for the performances which would also feature Wild Turkey sampling opportunities.

The shows were advertised by Le Cool and Nialler 9’s websites and the window of Music Maker on Exchequer street was taken over for the duration of the campaign.

We filmed each show to television standard creating processes for live sound capture still in use in the venue.

Phase 3 – The Winner

To win the grand prize, we ran a Facebook campaign which asked the public to vote for their favourite video by using a Facebook like button on the Wild Turkey Mash website.

By using the like button as a mechanic we created a flurry of social activity around the competition and drove an exponential amount of traffic organically to the promotion website. Naturally the participating bands also worked to drive their fans to the page.

The Result

By using a strong social media content plan and clever advertising spend, we ran a campaign that generated engagement with a multiple of our target and beyond what would be expected of the budget if it were simply put into advertising.