Twitter and Tamagotchis

Tamagotchi_0124_ubtRemember those horribly needy virtual pets from the 90s that sought to impart the responsibility of parenthood to children but instead created an upside down population pyramid in Japan?

Twitter can be like one of those loveable Tamagotchis except for one key difference – if your Tamagotchi dies from neglect it won’t affect your bottom line…


I came across this website that is running an exemplary Facebook campaign for a product they won’t have back instock until March.

In keeping with the fashion of the day their website has a live Twitter feed.  Unfortunately it’s displaying tweets from a lot of irate customers who are seemingly being ignored.  The €0.47 they’ve spent on my Facebook click has now been wasted as I see that they don’t have the product and they frankly don’t seem to care.

If you are going to put your business on Twitter you might try a Tamagotchi first.  They’re both needy electronic distractions but if you don’t engage your dissatisfied customers it’s your sales that will wither and die rather than a poorly drawn LCD monster…


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