The Ideal Length of Social Media Posts: Less is More

We update statuses, we tweet, we check-in and we ‘Like’. These daily habits are part of most of our lives but when it comes to getting your message across online, there are certain ‘sweet spots’ that are proven to help you get your message heard.

Twitter Talk

 Let’s take Twitter for example, 140 is the maximum amount of characters any one of us can use to say something in a tweet (excluding pictures which include text.)

We all find it hard to convey many of our messages in such a short amount of space but research carried out by Buddy Media thinks we need to cut that number down even more. Their research has found that tweets around 100 characters in length or less get the highest amount of interaction:

“Creativity loves constraints and simplicity is at our core. Tweets are limited to 140 characters so they can be consumed easily anywhere, even via mobile text messages. There’s no magical length for a Tweet, but a recent report by Buddy Media revealed that Tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate.”

 Tweets in this 71-100 character range, or ‘medium’ length tweets, received the most amount of retweets as they firstly give the original poster enough space to say something of value but still leaving space for the person retweeting to add commentary as well.


Facebook Feedback

 Facebook isn’t constrained by this low character count but if research carried out by Jeff Bullas is anything to go by, maybe it should be. The research found that posts in this incredibly low character count range received 86% higher engagement than others.

If this character range seems too short for you, the research also found that posts with 80 characters or less received 66% higher engagement so that should give you a little room to breathe.

BlitzLocal also carried out similar research and found question posts between 100 and 119 characters received the highest amount of interaction.

So do you think you’ll be able to ‘trim the fat’ off your future social posts? Let us know in the comments below.


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