Eircode and Digital Marketing

Eircode has launched today and the new service is set to make life a lot easier for marketers of all disciplines.  We’re delighted to be at D02 VK80 and, even though we’re not named on the Eircode website, we know our pizza will always find us when working late.

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you get on to your webmaster to ensure that all address forms on your websites now include a field to capture Eircodes.

The public will take some time to adjust to these but you can help awareness as well as update your databases now by requesting Eircodes.  Why not add a little tooltip that lets your customers know where to find their Eircode?

Check out the finder here.




Case Study – Wild Turkey

The Brief

Wild Turkey was seeking to be established as the pouring bourbon of choice in trendy hotspots centred around south Dublin inner city. We were contracted to create a cost effective campaign that positioned the brand as a supporter of music in the area as well as driving brand awareness throughout the city by using social media, experiential marketing tactics and live music events.

Our Plan

Wild Turkey Mash! – a play on the sour mash that gives Wild Turkey its unique flavour, was a series of crowd sourced music performances combined with a viral social marketing tactics. The brand was partnered with Le Cool Dublin and Music Maker who offered editorial and social media support throughout each phase of the campaign.

The campaign was activated in three phases:

Phase 1 – Recruitment

In the initial phase, we created an engaged audience on Facebook fans as well as database of newsletter subscribers by running Facebook competitions for the product. Our developers created Facebook and mobile web apps to collect entries and create segmented databases for future communications.

We created and executed a content calendar on Facebook that injected a personality into the brand and gave it a Dublin accent by reflecting the interests of the target audience.

By combining competitions with good quality promoted content, as well as a regular and efficient advertising campaign, we created an enthused and engaged Facebook audience around the brand.

The first part of the campaign was initiated when we had a core audience of 1,000 fans which involved fans nominating local music acts for a slot on one of three Mash! nights to be run in summer 2013.

We developed a Facebook app and mobile web app to collect nominations and collect entries into a nominators competition to win the product. Entrants were given an additional entry if they shared the app to their own timelines. There was a tremendous uptake with 30% of entrants sharing the competition to their friends.

Phase 2 – The Shows

For each of the three shows, each act was filmed for the final phase for which the public were asked to select their favourite artist. We organised a series of nights in The Workman’s Club in Temple Bar for the performances which would also feature Wild Turkey sampling opportunities.

The shows were advertised by Le Cool and Nialler 9’s websites and the window of Music Maker on Exchequer street was taken over for the duration of the campaign.

We filmed each show to television standard creating processes for live sound capture still in use in the venue.

Phase 3 – The Winner

To win the grand prize, we ran a Facebook campaign which asked the public to vote for their favourite video by using a Facebook like button on the Wild Turkey Mash website.

By using the like button as a mechanic we created a flurry of social activity around the competition and drove an exponential amount of traffic organically to the promotion website. Naturally the participating bands also worked to drive their fans to the page.

The Result

By using a strong social media content plan and clever advertising spend, we ran a campaign that generated engagement with a multiple of our target and beyond what would be expected of the budget if it were simply put into advertising.

Twitter and Tamagotchis

Tamagotchi_0124_ubtRemember those horribly needy virtual pets from the 90s that sought to impart the responsibility of parenthood to children but instead created an upside down population pyramid in Japan?

Twitter can be like one of those loveable Tamagotchis except for one key difference – if your Tamagotchi dies from neglect it won’t affect your bottom line…


I came across this website that is running an exemplary Facebook campaign for a product they won’t have back instock until March.

In keeping with the fashion of the day their website has a live Twitter feed.  Unfortunately it’s displaying tweets from a lot of irate customers who are seemingly being ignored.  The €0.47 they’ve spent on my Facebook click has now been wasted as I see that they don’t have the product and they frankly don’t seem to care.

If you are going to put your business on Twitter you might try a Tamagotchi first.  They’re both needy electronic distractions but if you don’t engage your dissatisfied customers it’s your sales that will wither and die rather than a poorly drawn LCD monster…


CHARGEKEY   Lightning Cable, Key Sized




Prepare Your Brand For Google Glasses and Goggles

When the iPhone brought the mobile web fully mainstream it caused a panic that still rumbles on. Many businesses’ websites were not optimised for the smaller resolution screen and many that relied on Flash were unreadable. The next potential disruptor for your online strategy is Google Glasses. Interest is high in the new device but many of the technologies we can expect from it are already out there, such as the ability for users to simply stare at a product or brand and be presented with a web search around it

Ever heard of Google Goggles? Google Goggles recognises brands and images using a smartphone camera. The technology behind Google Goggles is an easy fit for Glasses. There are other apps in the various app store that accomplish the same thing – point your camera at anything be it an ad, a sign or a glass of orange juice and the device will identify the object and bring up a range of links.

Google Glasses, Google Goggles and Your Brand

Essentially what all this means is that you can both prepare for Google Glasses and other devices your customers will be using very simply. We’ve a couple of practical suggestions for you to pass on to your Webmaster or SEO contractor below. The Google Glasses are just the tip of the ice berg in terms of the type of technology that is coming to the mainstream. They might seem a whacky concept now but a phone without buttons might have seemed a little bit nuts six years ago.


What You Need To Do

As part of your ongoing SEO you will have optimised the images on your website to be searchable semantically and syntactically. This is achieved by putting them in context on the page and filling in the all important ALT tag. As well as helping those who are visually impaired by having their computers recite the description of the image, the ALT tag helps search engines “know” what is in your image. An audit of how your logo, products and brands appear and the context around them is your first step.


Alt tags also enable satirists when pillorying Taoisigh

Alt tags are sometimes abused by SEO minded satirists as this Google Image search for Enda Kenny demonstrates

QR Code Quick Fix

As apps like Goggles can read QR codes these can provide a way to own a visual scan of your product. QR Codes can be as discrete and colourful as you choose and still function. If there’s a sharp upturn in search via visual search apps and devices a roll out of QR codes can help you “own” what the user “sees” when scanning immediately.

What You Need To Ask Your Webmaster and SEO Expert to do

  • Semantic File Names On Your website – a very elaborate way of saying name your logo and brand name in the corresponding file names on your website.
    So if there’s one file called lgov3.png all over your website maybe call it “YOUR_NAME_company-logo.png” instead.
  • Rel tags – rel=”logo” is a proposed standard for telling the visual web about your logo.
    Google are frequently ahead of the curve on such clever ways of quantifying things for machines so it would be worth taking five minutes to ensure your using the tag in your website header.
    For full info on how to define your logo with the Rel tag follow the instructions here.
  • Tell Google – Might seem obvious but make sure you have your Google Places and Google Plus pages sorted out with your logo in situ
  • Get your products on to Google shopping – for retailers this will be a must and will give your listing preferential precedence over other listings.
  • Alt tags – Make sure alt tags include semantic statements identifying brands and logos as they appear on your website.

Ultimately we suspect that Google et al will come up with other clever ways of identifying brands and their associated websites. As always it’s always better to make things easier for Google by following the steps above so that you’ve got the competitive advantage when your customers scan your brand or products with the gadget of the day.



Hello from Mods and Rockers!

I’m delighted, excited and am experiencing many other superlatives as we announce the launch of Mods and Rockers to the world.  While we’ve been working on projects for the last two years we are thrilled to give our digital agency the launch it deserves.

Our blog will be a source of commentary and advice on matters digital marketing.  We’ll try very hard not to use to many buzzwords and we’ll keep the focus giving you information you need to succeed.  You might forgive us too if we tell you our own stories and tales from the coal face over time.  Why not check out Ruairi’s post on the importance of keeping it local to get you started?

We’ll also be expanding our website over the coming weeks so you can learn more about what we’re doing in Temple Bar.  In the mean time if you want to see what we can do for you why not browse through the website, contact us, or tell us how your digital marketing is performing for you,

Looking forward to talking with you over the coming months, years and decades!